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AMOA’s moving (in 2011ish)!

AMOA's new building, image courtesy of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects





Have you seen this yet? FINALLY, AMOA IS GETTING ITS OWN SPACE!!!! No more ugly carpet, awkward walls, labyrinthine partitions or bad lighting.  

This is fantastic news. Maybe in the future, right on schedule for 2012, AMOA will have the space to support area artists more than once every 3 years.

Read the press release here, and talk to your rich VC friends about supporting joinging the capital campaign!  


Check out the specs, direct from their site:

New Building specs

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10 Responses

  1. spoke9

    A glass tower?!? Glass towers get the gas-face for energy efficiency. And windows are enemies of good gallery space. And, to top it off, the building in the rendering is U-G-L-Y.
    AMOA must be stuck in the 80s.

  2. spoke9

    Ironic that the announcement came on the same day that art handlers Surround Art announced they will be building and moving into a LEEDs silver-certified campus in NYC. First of its kind in the U.S..
    Some art organizations look towards the future, others are stuck in Texas.

  3. Ivan L

    Yeah that sketch isn’t the best. It looks to me like the late 50s! Like something out of Futurama (the GM propaganda, not the animated series). But I’ll wait for a better sketch to make up my mind. From what I see on their website, Pelli Clarke Pelli (http://www.cesar-pelli.com/flash.cfm) might build something interesting…

  4. gmc

    I like what i see so far. Fred Clark is an outstanding architect and very smart. He is a UT grad and appreciates Austin. Windows don’t have to be the enemy of good gallery space and a glass wall does not always mean a window. Glass is a smart sustainable material that is an intelligent choice. What do you want, Austin stone? Compare the cost of this museum with others going up. It is a being done on a reasonable (although any building is expensive these days) budget. These sorts of uninformed criticisms are stuck in the past.

  5. b.s.

    “Also planned on the property is Museum Tower, a 30-story office building that will be the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified office project in downtown Austin.”

    i think that is what this pic above is.

  6. salvo cheque

    “AMOA will have the space to support area artists more than once every 3 years.”

    I would like to hear you expand on how a museum can and should support area artists. Maybe on the messageboards or a new post.

  7. LionTigerBear

    From the overhead view, I think the lower building in the foreground is the museum and the tower sits behind it. This image makes it look like the tower is sitting on top of a lower, wider structure.

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