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Mercury Retrograde



My horoscope tells me that since Mercury turns direct Tuesday February
and there is a lunar eclipse in Virgo on the 20th, it’s a good time
to reassess where things are and where they are going. It’s a time to
think of work and stuff. So I’ll give the stars what they want. This
past weekend I was part of a panel, along with Amanda Douberly and
Rachel Koper, entitled "Thoughts on what writers want–and what you
want them to get about your work." The occasion was the opening of
AMOA‘s 20 To Watch: New Art in Austin show, and a all day "Artist Boot
" panel-thon. ‘Bout What I Sees has a good summary of the events.

to really sit down and think about where this darned blog fits in made
me realize a couple of things. The main one is that my intentions in
writing it are pretty different than the intentions some readers
perceive in the blog. From the beginning, this was supposed to be
added, secondary commentary to the rest of Glasstire’s coverage of the
Austin arts. Unfortunately, because of a long list of reasons I won’t
pretend to be privy to, it’s become close to the only Austin coverage
on Glasstire, other than a Newswire item here and there and a lone
Article/Interview/Review a month. So in order to make the blog match my
intentions, I won’t be writing any more blog-reviews (my idea of a
loose, non-cannon review). I’ll write about pieces, or mention some
things about a show, add lots of images, but no more reviews-reviews. I
can sense some of you will appreciate that ;P .

But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing about art in Austin or giving (sometimes too strong) opinions. I’ll just leave the exhibition reviews to others. We’ll see how it works. It’s an experiment to try to figure out how best to make use of the blog format. 


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