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“Impish Animal” at Okay Mountain


Impish Animal Lion Head


Impish Animal by Jason Villegas at Okay Mountain is a two-part show. It's both a phallocentric and a polymorphously perverse
show, but not in an especially erotic way. The dicks and anuses all
over the gallery feel more like childlike explorations than mature
sexuality. Or, perhaps, like a prescription for modern living.
Wolf <3 handbag-tank
The large installation of stuffed wolf/men (mostly in felt) and
handbag/tanks emblazoned with Villegas's spin on the Louis Vuitton logo
(LV=JV) looks a bit like a battle scene; or maybe it's more accurate to describe it as a mythological representation of a pretty important battle (in an abstract sort of way). Then again it's not so much a battle, it's more of a love-in. And it all happened inside of Villegas's fantastic imagination.
Impish Animal Battle/Love-In

The other half of the show consists of new paintings
and drawings, of which the latter are particularly interesting.
Following the woodlands theme of his wolf/men, Villegas drew intimate
and more outwardly erotic scenes of bears with collaged deer heads (and one badger).

Deer Bears
Impish Animal reads like a statement of personal identity in the form of a bear-centric metaphorical cosmology.
The whole world between an anus and a penis. Villegas’s work feels
real, authentic, from the heart, immediate and biographical. It is
unpolished and coarsely made but it is in its commitment to a rugged
and exploded narrative that it becomes a unit, realized vision and a
show not to be missed.



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    “Art can’t come close to what a good pop song can do, conveying that kind of emotion.”

    I would like a moustache helmet, pleese.

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