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I'm sure that, someday when we've all evolved into floating brains that communicate telepathically, art galleries will still be sending out postcard invites. So in the spirit of least resistance, and in deference to the expense and tree waste involved, here are a few that caught my eye from the most recent stack: 1. Michael Bise at Moody Gallery: the image of the gravestone of presumably the artist's father, whose death anniversary just occured, is pretty striking. Bise has taken his autobiographical oeuvre to a new, even more personal level. 2. Rackstraw Downes at Texas Gallery: nice skinny accordion foldout of a photorealistic panoramic painting of a crummy racetrack in Presidio. This is a Texas landscape I can believe in. 3. Robyn O'Neil at Dunn and Brown Contemporary: sometimes you hear grumblings that O'Neil is STILL doing those drawings, but I argue that her work has changed a lot, and for the better. Her show this February at Clementine had some outstanding pieces, and this image of a horse in show stance with its head in a dark cloud is a great one too.

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