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Next week is another Hometown Artists' Rodeo at the Cove in San Antonio — don't miss a performance by newly-returned-to-SA artist Jessica Halonen, along with the provocatively-named groups The Phlying Tigers and Hitler's Abortion!!! Tuesday, Oct. 9, 7-11 pm.

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  1. rainbird

    The ‘nabbing it at the thrift store’ part bothers me some and I’m not sure why. The painting seems to be valued more because of where it was found and for the fact that the writer recognizes the amateur status of the artist. I think Bill must think himself just a wee bit special for recognizing ‘the special-ness’ in that painting…and saving it. I hope he saved it… and took it home and put it someplace nice. I totally understand, which also bothers me some…. this need to save the undervalued and abandoned, to bring to the attention of others the insight that some of us/you possess. ( I wonder what sort of description would accompany that painting had it come from Yale?)

  2. grendel

    I find it disturbing that this is what Bill finds himself able to comment on, and yet is unable to educate himself about, and so dismisses, so many other kinds of art. We know all about Bill’s obvious interest in low-brow art, and how it snubs its low-brow nose at all things deemed conformist or unworthy by him. This just seems to be more of the same, so why expect any growth or wisdom from this uber-hip “arts” writer, posing as the arbiter of what’s cool since he himself is an outsider. Hey, if he really was accepted as a real arts writer, he might have to evaluate art through a lens other than his own. And yet, I’m sure he loves the discussion he has stirred (most assuredly by design), and is rolling in the stink he has raised. See? He is clever.

  3. hdmint

    I love this upper painting, especially the detail of the cloak worn by the wolf, in sheeps clothing perhaps? methinks! I own a Michael Grace painting myself and I hope this blog brings his work to the forefront of Contemporary Art.

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