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Yes Virginia, there’s art in the Valley

Those of us who live topside of the Nueces tend, predictably, to think of South Texas as a mysterious, somewhat barren place where everyone's bilingual and life is sleepy (except when the federal government announces "preliminary" plans to build a giant fence bisecting people's property). A place, in short, where there's very little art. Well there is some art, and a show opening at A&M-Kingsville this Friday, Oct. 5 proves it: As of Now: A Collection of Rio Grande Valley Artists features work from Gabriel Trevino, Leila Hernandez, Paul Valdez, Phyllis Evans, Izel Vargas, Luis Contreras and Mauricio Sáenz, amongst others. It's a mixed bag, sure, but a sign that there might just be gold in them thar Valley towns.

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