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This ain't the old Marfa Open House weekend when a handful of cognoscenti descended on Chinati then wandered aimlessly around the empty streets — Marfa keeps on growing, and this weekend has a ton of events on tap (check out the great site Marfa.org for the full skinny)! Don't miss Sonic Youth's free concert at the Thunderbird Hotel; Camp Bosworth and Webb Gallery at 108 West Dallas; the poster show at Ballroom Marfa or, of course, all the Chinati fun!! If you don't have hotel reservations, take a tent and enjoy the relatively light pollution-free skies of West Texas.

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  1. rainbird

    We’ll need a coin for size reference, Bill. Those floor boards aren’t cutting it. ( Yellow pine or (k)not.) I hope your grim mood has lifted. Mine is just settling in.

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