Go west young Core

by Rainey Knudson August 27, 2007

The new Core residents have been announced, and their numbers include Houstonian Lauren Kelley! Wow, a Core fellow from Texas — that hasn't happened since Brent Steen went through the program in '01-'03. (The Core gets a lot of flack, deservedly, for being a weird insular enclave that few in Houston ever catch sight of.) Of note also is that the three other new fellows have CA connections — Kara Hearn just got her MFA from UC Berkeley; and both
Andres Janacua and
Sergio Torres-Torres are from LA. Also of note: they've added a third critic to the writing program. Welcome to New York writer Andrea Liu and to Jennie King, who curated a show of Carolyn Iorio's drawings at Diverseworks back in '03.

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