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Hawt Suck

Sodom of the South

(a title considered for this blog)

Bat City
Bumper Sticker:
Keep East Austin Shitty
Keep Austin Wierd
Musical Demigod:
PataphysicsGuy Forsyth

Swimming Hole:
Bull Creek

Freezing-ass, stanky-dog

Barton Springs

Tourist Transportation:  "Austin Duck"
Footwear: Flip-flopsFlip-flops
Recluse Animator:
Brad Neely
Who animated Waking Life?

Taco Joint: El ChilitoMi Madre's
Beer Joint:
My patio
6th Street
Boy Band:Okay Mountain
Butthole Surfers













Dale Rice's Food Criticism Art "Criticism" from The Chronicle, The Statesman, Cantaker, etc.

Will Odic Force up the ante on our provincial conversations? I am doubtful.








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