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A string around your finger

Reminder to artists of some upcoming deadines at Lawndale: the Big Show drop off is Wednesday/Thursday, June 27/28 (tune into our message boards for griping about Lawndale's guidelines), and proposals for the Artist Studio Program are due July 11!!!

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  1. b.s.

    that’s some bullshit, copyin’ twombly with less panache. they look better in photographs but they are some real boring ass shit.

  2. SukiFunk

    This gallery and show is pathetic. Wont go any more–it’s just some tired and bored white elitists with too much time and nothing to say that hasn’t already been said ad naseum…

  3. Agnes Gooch

    After reading your thoughtful and, I’m sure, quite heartfelt comments, I’d like to invite you to come to my gallery one more (last?)time and speak with me face-to-face so I may gain some insights into your foregone conclusions about my gallery and its exhibit of beautiful Jill Moser paintings. In return, I will share with you my own insights about this exhibit, my gallery. and the artists whom I represent. Perhaps, then, I might shed some light on our purpose to help you better understand what we’re trying to do at Wade Wilson Art.
    I look forward to our visit, Sukifunk.
    Sincerely, Wade Wilson

  4. painter

    you are both too dramatic…….

    Jill moser’s show was badly hung….! It is hung as though the work is all one installation….Is this supposed to be painting or drawing?? If i could buy the whole series then ok….But who can afford that…
    Kome-on kids this has nothing to do with Twombly!!! nothing!! Twombly is bad enough……Moser is not a painter…this is drawing……at least CY is a painter…..?

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