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Saw this sign last week on Waugh Drive, just across from Rudyard's. There was no one around, so I don't know whether they were handing out food or asking for a handout. The piece itself displays some sensitivity to nuance- always nice to see in roadside art. I love the way the box's carrying handle is used as the crossbar of the top "F". The repetition of the four O's gives the piece a mad urgency, as if wild doughnuts were flying all over the place. The way the box is unfolded and brutally duct-taped to the pole recalls a crucifix, suggesting a Christian charity, although the piece's unorthodox vividness would be unusual for a conventional charity.

The piece approaches Rauschenberg's pieces at the Menil collection for subtlety, and beats them hollow for political engagement. The word "HARMONY" is stamped on the original box, upside down across the top F. Accident? I think not.

Unknown artist, I congratulate you.

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