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It is not as though any of us need more things to read on the internet, but I have one recommendation. Check out HeyOka Magazine. It is the brainchild of John LeKay, a sculptor who lives in New Jersey. (Full disclosure: I wrote the catalog essay that accompanied his exhibition at the University of Buffalo in 1995. You can read it on his website.) 

The magazine has more politics than art, along with an ongoing interest in Native American spirituality. The politics are to the left – big surprise – and the tone ranges from measured to ranting. In the current issue, the Fashion Section features videos on Canadian seal hunts. A section on war photography was labeled “disturbing” and I confess I didn't heed the warning. It was deeply disturbing. No, make that nauseating.

The music is good. Navajo singer Skylar Wolf is a real discovery. And where else can you listen to a recording of the Beatles singing Revolution while watching a news report of students protesting the Karl Rove appearance at American University.

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