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Hey! Another text-based show!

We were frankly skeptical that Word Play, a crossover exhibit/performance based on randomly chosen words and organized by Madeline Irwin, was serious or going to be any good. After all, it's at St. Stephen's School in Austin (through April 27), not at a fancy art venue, and the idea has been done recently, and nearby. But the list of participants is solid, and the show purports to combine visual and performing arts–not always an easy thing to do. Annette Carlozzi of the Blanton, Virginia Fleck, Annette Lawrence, Lance Letscher and Regina Vater are some of the participants on the visual side; and the performers include the fantastic Austin monologist (and — full disclosure — my old microeconomics prof) Steven Tomlinson. Go by for the performances on Sunday, April 1, at 2 and 4 pm.

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