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Alan Ebnother's green paintings at Wade Wilson gallery are nice enough; roughly square pieces of stretched linen with monochrome green paint toweled onto them with the decorative wooliness of cake icing. They're titled with recent dates, I suppose of their manufacture, but in truth they're nothing more nor less than attractive swatches in an interior decorator's book: Lichen, Acid, Sage, Apple, Sargasso, Fir, and Spinach.

January 6, 2007

How are these different from monochromes by Robert Ryman or Brice Marden? Would I dismiss those as readily if I came across them in a gallery? I stopped to double check. Nope. The carefully clean raw linen edges are a painterly pretension, the tentative, methodical paint application bespeaks mass production, and the goofy a priori choice of different shades of green is marketing.

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  1. painter

    What the would be painterly pretension? I happened to see the show….and was impressed Instead of being a pretension, they were very painterly! Maybe I will go again…..

  2. painter

    it is even better the second time……….It becomes actually painterly!!! there is no pretension?

    Go look……….

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