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Carl Jung vs. The Forces Of Evil 2.20.07

On my way to the MFAH I stopped, as I often do, at the Jung Center. Their lobby hosts art shows in tune with their cosmic mission that are almost invariably bad, but you never know. While art is an excellent vehicle for self-realization, it is sometimes a mistake to show it in public. 

Linda Penrod's textile-inspired collages were better than most. Titles like "Scroll", "Sanctuary" and "Ritual" cement their new-age pantheism. Gold highlights spangle torn, stained papers in gentle ochres and warm browns, recalling African textiles, or Coptic manuscripts. It's vague spirituality expressed through rather pleasant table napkins. 

Breaking ranks with the Center's typical reverence, the gift shop featured a little man in a gray suit: the Carl Jung Action Figure, just the size to battle my Wookie for control of the galaxy.

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