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Welcome to the new Glasstire

Check out our new site!

In addition to redecorating, we've added some features that we hope you'll enjoy. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you look around:

1. If you had a user name and password on the old site, it should still work on the message boards. So try to login with your old handle before signing up with a new user name and pass. If it doesn't work (probably because you never made a post), sorry about that. You need to sign up again.

2. Here's what's in the navigation up on the left:
Home (self-evident)
Newswire: This shows the current month's and previous month's news from the homepage.
Events: Just like the old site, this link shows our recommended shows in every region of Texas. (You can also access the Texas map — see it up there on the top of this page? — from anywhere on the site!!) NEW: We now feature venue listings, with addresses and maps! (Venues: we can put a picture on your page too! Email us one and we'll post it for you.)
Articles: The full listing of articles from the beginning of Glasstire, organized by year back to 2001!
Blogs: Welcome to our new blog section! We're kicking off appropriately, with our old friend Bill Davenport, whose Tire Iron column was the first writing we ever had on the site. Bill's new blog is called Houston Artletter, and he'll be updating it all the time, so check back often! His first entry? A list of his favorite artists in Houston.
Message Boards: These should look very familiar to users of the old site — same structure and organization, with some fun new features:

– You can create an identity with an image (an "avatar," as they say);
– You can post images directly from your computer in addition to linking to images hosted elsewhere;
– You have way more text formatting options. Fun!
– The message boards don't work so well with Safari, so if you're using a Mac, we recommend you use Firefox to browse Glasstire. (We recommend you use Firefox regardless, but that's another issue.)

Links: Texas museums, art websites we like, residencies and more. Let us know what sites you think we should include!!
U.S. Art Headlines: Now you can use Glasstire to check latest art headlines from the New York Times, Modern Art Notes, Rhizome and the Village Voice!!!
About Us
(you can figure these last two out)

3. See that search box up top underneath our logo?? Type in a word (or words), and if they've ever been on Glasstire, they'll show up. Search for yourself! Search for your friends!

54. Exercise your right and vote in our poll, on the right-hand side of the page!!

We've also made it much easier for ourselves to add new features in the future, so keep coming back!!

As always, don't be shy: let us know what you think.

Thanks for reading.
(And special thanks to everyone who helped us get the new site launched!!)

– The Glasstire team

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3 Responses

  1. handsofaten

    I think the new format is working better than the old one, but I think more RSS feeds would be better. It seems like they are mostly for the comments… is that right? I’m not sure how you should break it up, since you cover so many areas and have so many different kinds of content (reviews, upcoming events, blogs, message boards). But I think at least one feed for the blogs and one for the articles.

  2. Rainey

    Right now we’ve got RSS on the comments, the message boards, and the homepage. We’re working on enriching the options so users can get RSS on blogs, articles, events, etc. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. handsofaten

    I’m not such a big fan of having a video play automatically on the front page. I don’t think it would be so annoying if it didn’t start automatically though….

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